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We understand that students on this course are nearing the end of their professional qualifications and want to train as solicitors at one of the top firms. We have similar objectives. Law Mind wants you to succeed.

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Amazing, went through all sections slowly and thoroughly. Extremely useful!! I can’t recommend them enough.

1200 star star star star star reviews

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      64% of law school applications are rejected without being read. The #1 reason? LOW LNAT SCORES. Fear not – with the help of a Law Mind Tutor, your LNAT score can improve to OVER 28.



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      48% of law applications are rejected. The #1 reason? LOW LNAT SCORES. Law Mind Tutors can improve your LNAT score to OVER 31.


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        Law Mind provides specialist LPC law tutors who have provided tuition and training in all of the LPC core modules and options.


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          An LPC qualification will help you advance in your career as a solicitor. The skills and knowledge you gain from learning the various fundamentals of an LPC course will enable you to become a top solicitor at whichever law firm you wish to work for.

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          LNAT Tutor
          LNAT Tutor
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          Professional LPC Tutor

          Law Mind provides specialist LPC law tutors who provide tuition and training in all of the LPC core modules and options. They are:

          • Experienced in 1-to-1 tutoring
          • Student-Friendly Approach
          • Completed an LPC
          • Proven Track Record of Success
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          Your LPC tutor will be able to help you study by providing comprehensive study notes and assisting with your understanding so that you can outperform your peers in assessments.

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          You may wish to concentrate on a specific subject or problem with which you are struggling, or on a practical assignment. We can connect you with a top LPC tutor who specialises in the subject you require assistance with.

          • Improve your skills
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          • Work on your weaker sections
          • Use feedback to progress
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          Personalised Study Path

          Law Mind Tutor's knowledge and experience can help you make the most of your study time. Our tutors cover everything from basic business law and practise to specialised immigration law. Our tailored and personalised tuition plan will be tailored to your specific goals, challenges, and learning style.

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            Great tutor. He explained everything very clearly. He cleared up all the doubts I had. Truly a great teacher. This session was fantastic.


            Extremely useful and easy to understand everything that was said has helped me tremendously!!


            really high quality tutors who genuinely care about your improvement. I had 2 tutors and both of them prepared really well for each session, assigned me ‘homework’, answered all my questions and took my feedback into consideration


            Amazing tutor! Ellie made me feel very confident and gave great feedback each time on how to improve.


            she was a very good tutor who went through all the questions without a doubt and was very helpful


            I am learning various new material that I believe i wouldn’t have learnt without my tutor Callum. I enjoy learning with him and it was pretty engaging!


            Great experience having a tutor like aasha, she is a tutor who will support you from the beginning to the end and very informative during lessons. One of the best tutors I’ve had !!


            Very good customer support. Tutors were very helpful and good with feedback.


            Bavin tailors the tutoring sessions to suit the specific needs of the student and uses different teaching styles to ensure the student has a good understanding of the topics taught. I found this to be really helpful during our tutoring session.


            Law Mind provides an excellent client service to students and are always happy to assist promptly. We have found their tutors to be highly knowledgeable and approachable. They are great at building an excellent rapport and have helped my daughter to become more confident and comprehensively prepared


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              How Medic Mind tutoring
              compares with Self-studying

              • Learning Attitude

              • The "Delay"

              • Learning Method

              • Learning Process

              • Effectiveness

              Law Mind Tutor

              • Help students reach their full potential

              • Keep students on track

              • Prepare for LPC, work on specific areas

              • Encouraged and Motivated

              • Free of distractions


              • Easily get bored or under-stimulated

              • Can't track their progress

              • Learn all, don't know which part is important

              • Overwhelmed or frustrated

              • Requires extreme self-control

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