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Individualised assistance from Law Mind will help you better understand all aspects of learning the law and passing your exams. Working with our professional tutors and experts using and tried-and-tested methods, Law Mind will assist you in achieving success.

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I think this was a great experience, and I love how they go through everything. It has only increased my interest in law, and it would be ideal for anyone who shares the same passion wanting to score well in their exams.

1200 star star star star star reviews

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      Look no further if you need a law school tutor. Using our unique materials, individual packages, webinars, our expert professors will help you master Law in no time.

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      A significant portion of law school applications go unread due to LOW SCORES. Our Law Mind Tutors can assist you in improving your score by over 28 points and increasing your chances of getting accepted!



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      48% of law applications are rejected. The #1 reason? LOW LSAT SCORES. Law Mind Tutors can improve your LSAT score to OVER 160.


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        1. Coaching by Law experts

          You can be sure that you will receive an excellent addition to your education when you have the opportunity to speak with a tutor who has years of experience working as both a friend and a tutor.

        2. Personal 1-to-1 Approach

          Our tutor works with their students on a one-to-one basis. They provide customised advice, support, and guidance to help students achieve their objectives.

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        4. Regular Progress Updates

          With regular progress reports, Law revision tips, and homework plans, we keep parents and students informed.

        5. Individual Focus

          Your tutor can focus on your specific weaknesses and areas of Law difficulty during each lesson.


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          We guarantee that you will progress and improve after completing the course. If you are not satisfied with the first trial session, your money will be refunded.


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          We believe that personalised tuition leads to the most effective learning experience at Law Mind. As a result, when you enrol in our one-to-one Law tutoring programme, we will create a personalised study plan for you and provide ongoing support tailored to your specific needs. You will also have access to a variety of online Law materials to help you review and practise what you have learned.

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          Why do you need a private Law tutor?

          Our tutors aren't just ordinary people. We have award-winning, well-liked law professors and top-scoring law students who are praised for their ability to impart knowledge and be supportive.

          • Flexible and Personal
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          • Passing your Exams
          • Confidence in the Most Challenging Areas

          Achieve more with less effort

          A law tutor will be there for you every step of the way, guiding, encouraging, and motivating you in every way possible. Whether you are studying for an A level in law, preparing for an admission test to start your degree in law, or studying for your degree in law, our law tuition will help you succeed.

          The best tutors in the business

          Our law tutors are highly experienced educators. All of our law tutors are interviewed and their teaching standards are evaluated carefully before they join our network! So you can be sure you're getting the best quality available.

          • Custom-tailored study plan
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          • Work at your own pace
          • Use feedback to progress
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          With our online platform, you can access your lessons from anywhere, at any time. Our MS Teams class gives you access to learning materials while you're on the go!

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          we can ensure that no student is ever left behind!

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            Our Law Students


            Mai B

            I thought I'd have trouble understanding all the information I'd be given, but the guidance and advice was given in a simplified, easy to digest way. I appreciated Nishma's session in particular as I received an insight into an area within law I hadn't been exposed to on a more detailed level. It has widened my perspective on what fields and options are available to me which I really benefitted from.


            A realistic insight that I found highly useful in consolidating my passion


            Amazing, 100% relevant, 10 outta 10, would attend again!


            Very useful . I gain a lot of information from law mind that I don’t usually get from school .

            Aman B

            I found the presenters really easy to follow and I felt that the information presented was really useful.

            Glory F

            It was very well explained. I was able to see different pathways as well as the necessary steps taken to get to this point.


            It was great! Since I’m an international student and I knew essentially nothing about the UK, it really helped to have a tutor from my country to help me through the process. It was actually quite enjoyable.


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