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The GDL is a fast-paced course with a lot to learn. There is a massive amount of information to sort through, making it difficult to stay current. We provide tutoring to students pursuing the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

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Very good experience, tutors were informative and really helpful, highlighted how to make improvements very well and they were also very supportive.

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          Law Mind Tutors specialises in providing law tuition to GDL students. The following core subjects are among those in which we provide instruction:

          • Contract Law
          • Criminal Law
          • Equity and Trusts
          • Land Law
          • Public Law
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          Structured Learning

          GDL students will receive dedicated and intensive tutoring to help them prepare for vocational training. Whether you require assistance with one of your modules, assistance with time management, or all-around intensive exam preparation, our expert GDL tutoring can help you achieve your objectives and gain access to your desired career path.

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            We show these with Gratefulness




            Alana was an amazing tutor !! she was not only helpful but made me feel calm about the entire process !!


            Reallly good knowledge and practice! Thank you so much.


            amazing program. had 20 hours worth of lessons. my confidence, knowledge and interest in law greatly increased from these lessons.


            The overall session was very helpful. The tutors were extremely friendly and gave very helpful advice. Would highly recommend this course, all tutors were also happy to answer any additional questions which was very kind.


            All feedback was very useful, they were all very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. They didn't make us feel uncomfortable when answering questions.


            Very helpful. The tutors were very helpful because they were critical even when we did well.


            It was very helpful and well paced. Interactive. It was also very casual so it wasn't very daunting and everyone was very respectful and valued being there for the seminar.


            It is a great platform, thank you! I have definitely improved in various ways!


            very helpful lots of inspiring and motivational, like-minded people to interact with very insightful :))


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              How Medic Mind tutoring compares with Self-studying

              • Learning Attitude
              • The "Delay"
              • Learning Method
              • Effectiveness

              Expert Medic Mind Tutors

              • Help students reach their full potential
              • Keep students on track
              • Prepare you for exams, work on specific areas
              • Create an environment free of distractions

              Standard Self-Studying

              • Easily get bored or under-stimulated
              • Can't track their progress
              • Learn all, don't know which part is important
              • Requires extreme self-control