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LNAT Tutoring

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Riya P

The LNAT tutoring was very useful, my tutor focused on my weaker areas and set regular homework, helping me structure my revision!

1200 star star star star star reviews

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      64% of law school applications are rejected without being read. The #1 reason? LOW LNAT SCORES. Fear not – with the help of a Law Mind Tutor, your LNAT score can improve to OVER 28.



      How our LNAT 1-1
      Tutoring works

      48% of law applications are rejected. The #1 reason? LOW LNAT SCORES. Law Mind Tutors can improve your LNAT score to OVER 31.


      How Law Mind’s 1-1 Tutoring Works

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        How can Law Mind improve my LNAT score?


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        Step to boosting your LNAT score...

        1. Award-Winning Strategies

          You might be doing 1000s of LNAT questions but not improving. Our tutors will transform your LNAT technique.

        2. Proven Timing Techniques

          We teach you section-specific strategies to speed up your LNAT technique by 37% on average.

        3. LNAT Tutoring | 1-1 LNAT Tutors
        4. Coaching by LNAT experts

          All our LNAT tutors have scored in the top 10% of the exam and are experienced teachers with proven LNAT success.

        5. Personal 1-to-1 Approach

          Our LNAT tutors will be your friend, mentor and teacher. You can ask questions to our team 24/7

        6. Regular Progress Updates

          We keep parents and students in the loop, with regular progress reports, LNAT revision tips and homework plans.

        7. Individual LNAT Focus

          During each lesson, your tutor can focus on your specific weaknesses and the areas of LNAT you struggle with.


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          We believe that a personal approach is best when it comes to teaching and learning. So when you sign-up for our LNAT 1-to-1 tutoring, we’ll create your study plan and you’ll receive ongoing support tailored to your needs. In addition, you’ll have access to a wealth of online resources to revise and test everything you learn.

          LNAT Tutor
          LNAT Tutor
          LNAT Tutor
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          Start with a hand-picked LNAT tutor

          After your consultation, we consider everything you’re looking for - from location to prospective universities, and find the right LNAT tutor. All of them have:

          • Experience in 1-to-1 LNAT tutoring
          • Student-Friendly Approach
          • Achieved a Top Decile LNAT Score
          • Proven Track Record of Success

          Build a personalised
          LNAT lesson plan

          Your LNAT tutor will develop a personalised lesson plan for you based on the time until your test, the LNAT scores you are getting and your weak areas.

          Maximise your LNAT potential

          If you work hard and invest time into lessons, we'll give you the maximum possible chance to score above 25

          • Improve your LNAT technique
          • UCAT SJT ClockIncrease your LNAT speed
          • Work on your weaker sections
          • Use feedback to progress

          LNAT Scores are proven to
          improve with tutoring

          Thanks to research conducted by Leeds University, it was found that online tutoring can significantly improve the grades of a student and their performance in aptitude exams. The LNAT is no exception to this rule.

          So maximise your LNAT potential
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            Our LNAT Students


            Rohan B

            I liked the student friendly approach, it helped me do well in LNAT!

            Seema A

            Loved the tutoring, had very few issues over my 40 hours of lessons, thank you guys!

            Vickie Z

            I was very happy with Vish, my LNAT tutor, and the whole team who helped.


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              All hours booked can be used flexibly between LNAT, Interview, UCAS, GCSE and A-level over the next 3 years and shared between friends and family.

              How Law Mind
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              • LNAT Teacher

              • Lesson Style

              • Continuity & Progress

              • Average LNAT Score

              Law Mind Tutor

              • Award-Winning Course

              • 2000+ LNAT Questions

              • Top LNAT Decile Expert

              • Focused and Personal

              • Week-by-Week Support

              • Top 20%

              Classroom Day

              • Generic Techniques

              • 500+ LNAT Questions

              • Experienced Teacher

              • "One-Size-Fits-All"

              • Single Day

              • Variable Average

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